Coping With Change. 

Life Transitions.

At some point, we are all bound to experience transitions in life, some more impactful than others. These transitions can be good or bad, and the way we cope with these transitions is incredibly important. Interestingly, even positive transitions like welcoming a new baby or starting a new job, can come with stress. Whether you are experiencing one of those changes or dealing with death, loss, or other changes, the counsellors in Nanaimo at Covalent Health Consulting can help you navigate the feelings and emotions that come with these transitions.

For some clients, simply talking with a compassionate and professional counsellor helps them deal with changes in a better way. There are also a number of other tools that can be helpful, including coping strategies and different therapeutic techniques. When you meet with one of our counsellors, we will take your personal circumstances into account while we come up with a thoughtful, individualized approach to your therapy.

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